Giving every child an advantage to shine through!

In-person  and  Tele-Therapy (virtual therapy) services are Offered.

At OutShine we take regional center, and self-pay clients (We provide superbills for family reimbursement from their insurance plans.)

We treat each client as a whole child. This approach allows for greater growth and development for our clients. Our goal is to thrive to provide exceptional therapies to every client and to support family members with their journey when helping their loved ones.

We provide in-home and virtual-Evaluation & Therapy services that are evidence-based. Our techniques and family training empowers you to provide educational support or to carry out  Early Intervention for your child through daily activities. Also, we connect families to appropriate licensed therapist for Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy services.

We also provide assessment and therapy for K-12 grade levels. We can assist in generalization, maintenance, learning & reading strategies, as well as provide IEP supports.    Call us for a free consultation.

Our approach is comprehensive as we can provide services in the child’s natural environment, and can carry over sessions in a variety of settings for generalization of skills.

What is Virtual Therapy? Telehealth is the delivery of early intervention services using distance technology, typically computers/iPad/iPhone, when the therapist and child and caregiver are not in the same physical location. Service providers include speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, service coordinators, and early intervention specialists.

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By choosing teleintervention, you have the ability to retain services from a therapist who specializes in your child’s developmental delay or area of concern. Evidence-based research has shown that family coaching and Tele-Therapy in providing Early Intervention services are results-oriented.


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