We broker and connect families to therapists who conduct comprehensive speech and language, Occupational and Physical therapy assessments through a variety of standardized and non-standardized tools, observations, and parent interviews to determine goals for an effective and inclusive treatment plan.

Services are provided to clients from birth to 18 years of age, in-home, after school programs, Preschool, and other settings as needed by parent request and client needs. We can collaborate or overlap with other service providers and ABA providers.

Our services include:

✔ Free Consultation for a united and collaborative relationship between client and therapist.

✔ A comprehensive evaluation of all areas of concern.

✔  Report with assessment results, Personalized goals.

✔  Evidence-based Treatment plan recommendations, accommodation, and modification needs.

✔  Generalization activities and home programs.

✔  Family-centered therapy services and Caregiver support and education. 

✔  Consultation and professional collaboration.

✔  Assistance with insurance reimbursement.

We provide therapy services for children birth to 18 years of age with autism, apraxia, speech production difficulties (including articulation and phonology, tongue thrust), social skills, and Receptive & Expressive Language, Auditory processing, reading support (Dyslexia), voice, stuttering, and Early Intervention.

Therapy sessions may be individual or group depending on the client’s needs.